Acoustical Ratings

Acoustics, as it relates to flooring, is the study of sound, noise, and vibration. Understanding the acoustical performance of your flooring product is essential. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors regarding sound control. This document attempts to help educate on how to truly determine the effectiveness of a floor covering and its ability to reduce noise transfer. This document analyzes in detail what the STC, IIC Ratings, and Delta IIC ratings mean and how they can have an impact on your property. We will also look at the best performance indicators and the best tests to determine the acoustic value that flooring provides for your projects. I can remember when I was relocating our business and was living on the 3rd floor of an apartment. My 8-year old daughter was playing upstairs, nothing out of the ordinary for a child walking around in an apartment unit. The sound transmission vibrated to the lower floors and was bad enough that a downstairs neighbor knocked on our door to see if we were ok.

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Acoustical LVT vs. Carpet

Carpet used in Multi Family collects dust, dirt, and pet hair. Those things, if not cleaned up properly, can cause some serious health issues. Children, for example, tend to put their hands on dirty carpets and into their mouths. They can easily end up sick because of that. Air circulating over a dirty carpet can cause breathing problems, like asthma. Some heat registers are located right along the floor and sweep air up from the carpet. Carpet can also be costly, and Spectrim’s Featherwalk is a maintenance free option that solves the following problems:

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