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  • Liberty
  • Perry

Liberty Collection: Wood LVT Colors

Liberty Wood LVT features 36 timeless authentic visual wood grain colors in rustic barnwood, classic oak, light/dark mahogany, and maple & cherry that mimic natural hardwood floors.

  • Products: SPC Click, WPC Click, Glue Down, FeatherWalk Glue Down, FeatherWalk Click, Outdoor Click
  • Thickness: Glue Down: 2mm/3mm, SPC Click:5mm, 6.5mm, FeatherWalk Glue Down: 3.5mm, 4.5mm
  • Wear Layer: 6-mil, 8-mil, 12-mil, 20-mil
  • Surface Protection: Diamond Seal Coating

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SETAGRIP Collection

  • Flooring can be installed directly on top of any suitable subfloor without the need for additional adhesive. It can be removed easily, leaving no residue, and can be replaced without having to redo the whole floor.
  • Topically Mount on top of LVT, VCT, Wood Floors, & Tile Floors
  • Featuring 4 Patents designed for Dimensional Stability, Anti Microbial Technology, Mitigating Telegraphing, and No Adhesive is needed
  • Built in Acoustical Underlayment to stop sound transmission.
  • SetaGrip™ Technology is also a healthy choice. By eliminating site-applied adhesives, there are no offensive odors or concerns from the release of VOC’s or humidity associated with liquid glues.

Product Type: Featherwalk SetAGrip
Size: 6″x48″,
Thickness: 3.5mm
Wear Layer: 20-mil
Patents: EMT Core-(Dimensional Stability) MCT Core-(Telegraphing). EPT Shield-(Scratch Resistance, Anti Slip, Anti Bacterial)
Includes: Acoustical Underlayment
Includes: Adhesive Backing-(No Glue is needed to install FeatherWalk SetAGrip)

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Perry Collection: Wood LVT Colors:

The Perry collection’s is the most advanced technology for Glue Down LVT utilizing MCT Technology to minimize or eliminate floor prep. The Perry collection is an affordable flooring that also utilizes EPT Shield surface protection to kill 99% of bacteria.

  • Products: Glue Down:
  • Thickness: 2mm-(In Stock), 3mm, 4mm, 5mm LooseLay
  • Size: 6”x48”
  • Wear Layer: 6-mil
  • Surface Protection: EPT Shield-(Kills Bacteria)

Industries: Apartments, Senior Living, Hospitality, Healthcare,

Usage: Residential, Light Commercial, Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare,

In Stock-(Only 2mm Glue Down)

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Blue Ridge Collection: SPC Click

Product Type: SPC Click
Size: 7″x48″
Thickness: 5mm
Wear Layer: 20-mil
4mm Core with 1mm IXPE Pad

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Perry Collection/SetAGrip Collection-USA Made Floorings Scratch Testing Video